Cat-inspired Art of Catmasutra by paul koh

Catmasutra cat art is a painting celebration of the world’s most popular pet. Featuring the exquisite images of renowned cat artist, Paul Koh, this unique and original cat art collection captures the charm, nonchalance, and cheekiness of the quintessential cat, unravelling the deep philosophical astuteness of its free-spirited nature. Perfect for cat and animal lovers, Catmasutra cat art and gifts are cute and definite smile-getters. Karmic, whimsical, playful and an absoulte delight, Catmasutra cat collectibles include fine art prints, journal books, tote bags, tile coaster, keepsake boxes, magnets and buttons. Collect them all!

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cat art by paul koh, water

Paul Koh

catmaSutra is a painting celebration of the world’s most ubiquitous pet. Cat artist, Paul Koh has, over the decade, built up a collection of paintings inspired by the real-life personalities, eccentricities and adventures of his two pets, Halo, a ginger tabby and Angel, a Russian Blue. Through his paintings, Paul has captured the affectionate inquisitiveness and nonchalant independence typical of the feline.

The term Catmasutra was coined to capture the seemingly zen-like essence of cats in different positions and situations (real-life and make-believe). The artist then draws us into a space where the playful and good-natured juxtapose with the tongue-in-cheek and unexpected…all distilled on canvas to create the catmaSutra cat, distinguished by its trademark ‘eyes-wide-shut’ and ear-to-ear’ grin.

Synthesizing elements from his keen observations on life and experiences, combined with his personal brand of positive karmic energy, Paul has created an extraordinary place where our reality becomes cat – simpler and free-spirited – quaintness.

cat art by singapore artist, Paul Koh

Art exhibitions

included the "CatmaSutra Series" with annual shows from 2004 to 2013 at Utterly Art. Recent group shows were exhibited at the Fullerton Hotel - Suka Hati (a Peranakan Celebration, 2014) and After the Summer of 1890 (a tribute to Van Gogh, 2013). catmaSutra was also featured in Affordable Art Fairs, Singapore and Hong Kong. Individually themed CatmaSutra cat art series included “My Quirky Valentine” at Alliance Française de Singapour  (2010), "From the Depths of My Lullaby"(2009) at the Gallery by the Harbour in Hong Kong,  "Imagine-Nation" (2008) at Forth Gallery, "The Enlightened Series" (2008) at Artoholic, and "Garden of Eden" (2008). Other exhibitions showcased his different styles of art, notably the "Fluid Abstractions" at The Ritz Carlton Millenia and “The Gallery” at tcc – the coffee connoisseur. Some of his works are currently displayed at the Blue Lotus Fine Art Gallery. Paul was also invited to participate in the Elephant Parade Singapore, in an effort to raise awareness of conservation and protection of Asian elephants. Paul’s The Elephant and the Cat was displayed at VivoCity and successfully auctioned off by Sotheby’s.

Paul is currently the Creative Director in an award winning agency. He continues to perceive his professional work with an artistic eye that tends toward the melding of art and design. Paul graduated from Simon Fraser University (Canada) with an honours degree in Mass Communication and a second major in Psychology, with certification in Liberal Arts. Paul won a ‘distinction’ in the interactive media category of the Singapore Design Award 2000. He also won third prize for his short story “Quivering” at biannual SPH-NAC Short Story Writing Competition, The Golden Point Award 1999

catmasutra cat art
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