The nature of catmaSutra!

To the artist, the cat embodies what art should be - to provide a persistent singular perspective (albeit from a local street cat point-of-view), subjected to all the cultural and 'internet-things' that make the planet swirl even faster. What remains is us, as individuals standing in the flow of unrelenting changes, to remain true to who we are. That has always been the artist's theme - to remember the 'fresh-face' innocence and 'devil-may-care' bravado that comes with being a child again.

Commission a catmaSutra!

Get your own catmaSutra - whether it's for your own pet, or the original catmaSutra cat - in all the ways and whims that tickle your fancy! For commission pieces of cats, do provide photos of the kitties and they would all be in the trademark catmaSutra eyes-wide-shut, ear-to-ear-grin. catmaSutra art pieces exude a certain sweetness cum cheekiness, akin to a kind of candy-pop coating that perks up our day, makes us smile and think of incongruent things made from favourite childhood memories!

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